I am trying to get the copyright holders of these photographs if they exist. Please remember that these photographs may have a copyright. The photographs with 1937 in the title are from a magazine published in 1937 'The Story of the Bible', by the Amalgamated Press. The photographs with 1894 in the title are from a book called 'Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee' by Bishop John H.Vincent, published by N.D.Thompson Publishing Co.. The photographs with 1910 in the title come 'The Holy Land and the Bible Vol4' by Cunningham Geike Published by Cassell and Co.. If you have information on them please contact me.

Additions....May 2006

Hezekiah's Tunnel section added

Gihon Spring and Warren's Shaft plan

Warren Shaft - Section

Absolom's Tomb 1860

Valley of Jehoshaphat

Jacob's well text revised.

Abraham's Oak in 1894 (32K)


Bethlehem - 1840 (52K)

Bethlehem - Well of David - 1894 (59K)

Bethlehem - Markey day in front of the Church of the Nativity - 1925 (74K)

Bethlehem - Rachels Tomb (77K)

Bethlehem 1894 (200K)

Tomb of Rachel-1894 (90K)

Bethlehem from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem - 1937(97K)

Joab's Well - near Bethlehem

Joabs Well (370K)

Joabs Well (100K)

Joabs Well 1880 (180K)

Cave of Machpelah

Cave of Machpelah - 1840 (58K)

Coffee House at Matariyeh -1894 (106K)

Dead Sea

Plan of The Dead Sea after Liutenant Lynchs Survey - 1848 (147K)

Natural Pyramid at the North of the Dead Sea (67K)

Lots Wife seen from a boat on the Dead Sea in 1830 (66K)

Lots Wife a natural rock on the coast of the Dead Sea in 1894 (36K)


Mt Carmel-1894 (205K)

Monastery at the Brook Cherith (250K)

Elishas Fountain (220 K)

The Sea of Galilee - 1870 Survey (603K)

Flour Mill - 1937 (94K)

Hebron on a Hot Day-1937 (94K)

Hebron - Davids Pool - 1937 (84K)

Hebron - Upper Pool of David - 1937 (94K)

Jacob's Well

Jacobs Well - 1894 (125K)

Jacobs Well - 1900 (30K)

Jacobs Well - 1865 (25K)

Jacobs Well - 1910 (45K)

In ancient times a church was built over it and in more recent times it was covered with a stone vault. The well is about 75 ft deep and is sometimes without water. Dr Robinson (c 1860) said the the well was dry and deserted, and that adjacent to the well are the ruins of an ancient church forming mounds of rubbish, among which he observed three granite columns.

Jacobs Well - 1925 (82K)

Jacobs Well - but could it be Joab's Well? - 1910 (100K)

Excavations of Jericho - 1937 (89K)

Bethel 1894 (225K)


Jerusalem- Panorama-1-1894 (172K)

Jerusalem- Panorama-2-1894 (310K)

Jerusalem- Panorama-3-1894 (160K)

Jerusalem - 1937 (141K)

Jerusalem plan made in 1637 (95K)

Jerusalem from East-1894 (122K)

Jerusalem from Scopus-1894 (143K)

Jerusalem on Road from Bethlehem-1894 (75K)

Jerusalem from Bethesda-1894 (107K)

Jerusalem - 1840(180K)

Jerusalem with the Mount of Olives - 1840 (95K)

Jerusalem - Mount of Olives with Garden of Gathsemane - 1925 (156K)

Jerusalem from Mount of Olives 1925 (162K)

Jerusalem from Mount Zion - 1925 (132K)

Jerusalem - Bazar (99K)

Jerusalem - Street Scene 1 - 1925 (119K)

Jerusalem - Street Scene 2 - 1925 (117K)

Jerusalem - Street Scene 3 - 1925 (88K)

Jerusalem - The Tower of David (170K)

Jerusalem - Street Scene 4 - 1925 (90K)

Jerusalem - Jews going to the Synagogue - 1925 (96K)

Jerusalem - Fountain - 1925 (75K)

Jerusalem - Grotto of Jeremiah - 1925 (57K)

Jerusalem - Grotto of St James - 1925 (93K)

Jerusalem - Mosque of Omar - 1894 (121K)

Jerusalem - Mosque of Omar from South - 1894 (124K)

Jerusalem - Mount Morah - 1937.jpg (138K)

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock - 1925 (71K)

Jerusalem - Entrance to Garden of Gasemane - 1925 (73K)

Jerusalem - Mount Moriah - Interior-1937 (83K)

Jerusalem - Damascus Gate - 1894 (67K)

Jerusalem - Damascus Gate - 1925 (214K)

Jerusalem - Damascus Gate - 1937 (92K)

Jerusalem - Solomons Quarries-1880 (225K)

Jerusalem - Solomons Quarries-1937 (55K)

Jerusalem - Plan of Solomons Quarries (also known as the cave of Zedekiah) (90K)

The Quarries extend 214 yards deep under Jerusalem with the entrance near the Damascus Gate at the North of the City. Athough the cave, itself, does not reach the Dome of the Rock, (which is about 500 yards from the cave entrance), the caves were originally carved by water and there must be a pothole in the South of the caves. The cave opening was sealed by the Turks in about 1542, while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, but it was accidentally rediscovered in the spring of 1854 by Dr. Barclay, an American physician, while on a walk with his sons and dog. The dog, on a fox's scent, started digging and entered the cave. Subsequently, Dr. Barclay explored the cave and later it was reopened. According to legend, the last king of Israel fled from the Chaldeans, through this cavern but was captured in the mouth of the grotto in the plain of Jericho. I wonder if Hezekiah carved his tunnel along the line of the pothole from this this cave, (that would be why Hezekiah's tunnel curves in an irregular way).

Jerusalem - Herods Gate - 1925 (99K)

Jerusalem - Dung Gate - 1925.jpg (56K)

Jerusalem - The Golden Gate - 1880(197K)

Jerusalem - The Golden Gate - 1 - 1925(99K)

Jerusalem - The Golden Gate - 2 - 1925 (88K)

Jerusalem - The Golden Gate - 1896 (80K)

Jerusalem - St Stephens Gate - 1890 (87K)

Jerusalem - St Stephens Gate - 1925 (100K)

Jerusalem - St Stephens Gate - 1930 (50K)

Jerusalem - Jaffa Gate- 1937 (115K)

Jerusalem - Zions Gate - 1925 (79K)

Jerusalem - Castle of David (94K)

Jerusalem - Jacobs Tomb - 1925 (76K)

Jerusalem - Chapel of the Ascension - 1925 (92K)

Jerusalem - Church of the Tomb of the Virgin - 1925 (90K)

Jerusalem - Church of the Tomb of the Virgin - Entrance - 1925 (97K)

Jerusalem - Church of the Tomb of the Virgin - Staircase - 1925 (96K)

Jerusalem - Citadel - 1925 (96K)

Jerusalem - Wailing Wall 1 - 1925 (71K)

Jerusalem - Pool of Siloah - 1925 (72K)

Pool of Siloam - 1850 (472K)

Pool of Siloam - 1896 (76K)

Pool of Siloam -1890 (60K)

KatherineKenyons plan of Hezekiah's Tunnel - Plan (290k)

Showing the Pool of Siloam outside the (then) City Walls

Jerusalem - Gihon Spring and Warren's Shaft - Elevation (480

'Shaft A' was abortive for hard layers of rock made it impossible to reach water level. 'Passage A' followed an angular line which encountered a fault in the rock that enabled the main shaft to reach the water level.

Jerusalem - Gihon Spring and Warren's Shaft - Elevation (480

Jerusalem - Warrens Shaft - Elevation (147k)

Jerusalem - Hezekiahs Tunnel - Siloam Exit - 1937 (76K)

Jerusalem - Hezekiahs Tunnel - Pool of Siloam - 1937 (116K)

Jerusalem - Hezekiah's Pool - 1860 (280K)

Jerusalem - Pool of Hezekiah (Patriachs Pool) - 1925 (106K)

Jerusalem - Pool of Hezekiah - 1896 (99K)

Jerusalem - Hezekiahs Pool - 1937 (75k)

Jerusalem - Pool of Bethesda - 1850.jpg (116K)

Jerusalem - Valley of Hinnom -1937 (71K)

Jerusalem - Kidron Tombs - 1925 (78K)

Jerusalem - Kidron Valley - 1925 (83K)

Jerusalem - Absalom's Tomb from the Mount of Olives (92K)

Jerusalem - Absalom's Tomb about 1860 (250K)

Jerusalem - Absalom's Tomb about 1930 (214K)

Mount of Corruption in Valley of Jehoshaphat-1860 (300K)

Jerusalem - Tombs in the Valley of Jehoshaphat-1879 (23K)

Jerusalem - Absaloms Tomb - Valley of Kidron-1937-1 (23K)

Jerusalem - Absaloms Tomb - Valley of Kidron-1937-2 (61K)

Jerusalem - Tomb of Absalom - 1925 (90K)

Jerusalem - Gordons Tomb of Christ - 1925 (68K)

Church of St John in the Desert 1894 - Judean Hills (225K)

Elishas Fountain - Jericho (135K)

Ancient Jericho (155K)

Mount Carmel - 1894 (71K)

Mt Sinai-01 (81K)

Mt Sinai-02 (51K)

Lake Hulah - Plan about 1890(500K)


Nazareth from East-1894 (140K)

Nazareth Street-1894-1 (74K)

Nazareth-1894-1 (180K)

Nazareth-1894-2 (49K)

Nazareth-1840-1 (41K)

Nazareth-1840-2 (96K)

Old Nazareth from the South (85K)

Nazareth-The Fountain of the Virgin-1840 (83K)

Nazareth-The Fountain of the Virgin-1894 (76K)

Nazareth-The Fountain of the Virgin-1915 (43K)

Nazareth-The Fountain of the Virgin-1925 (72K)

Nazareth-Well in the Courtyard of the Church of the Annunciation - 1925 (63K)

Nazareth-Wheat Market-1984 (54K)

Pool of Bethesda -1890 (48K)


Pillars at Samaria-1894 (87K)

Samaria - Palace of Herod - 1894 (84K)

Samaria - Palace of Herod - 1935 (78K)

Plowing in the Plains of Jezreel-1894 (66K)

Solomon's Pools - 8 Miles South of Jerusalem

Pools of Solomon - 1925 (88K)

Solomons Pools - 1840 (66K)

Solomons Pools - 1884 (147K)

Solomons Pools - 1884 (195K)

Solomons Pools - 1884 (153K)


Solomons Stables - Megiddo

Solomons Stables - Megiddo-1937-1 (125K)

Solomons Stables - Megiddo-1937-2 (59K)

Solomons Stables - Megido - about 1890 - 1 (77K)

Solomoms Stables - Megiddo - about 1890 - 2 (68K)

Solomoms Stables (242K)


The Fence at Dothan-1894 (78K)

The Tower of Jezreel-1894 (76K)

Sarcophagus used as a drinking trough - Nazareth (290K)

Threshing at Heliopolis-1884 (70K)

Threshing Sledge-1937 (35K)

Drawing Water - The Shadoof-1894 (94K)

Drawing Water -The Shakeyeh-1894.jpg (80K)

Water conduit near Mt Gerzim-1894 (89K)


The Temple of the Sphinx (150K)

Grain Boats on the Nile (270K)

The Sphinx 1894 (160K)

Entrance to the Temple of the Sphinx - 1894 (270 K)

The Temple of the Sphinx (150K)

Statue of Rameses II - 1894 (290K)